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Who we are

Furzedown United F.C. - Football for all

Furzedown United Football Club was established in July 2011, by Morris Nelson, Joanne Wason, Stephen Peacock and Donald Facey. We chose the name Furzedown United FC, because the majority of the players live in and around the Furzedown area.

When Furzedown United F.C, was founded the club organised a competition to design the club’s badge and motto. The competition was won by one of the players, Carter Peacock. The concept of his design originates from the history surrounding the Furzedown area, which was covered in a mixture of woods, scrubs and furze, later renamed “Furzedown”. We adopted the motto “Football for All”.

Furzedown United FC is affiliated to the London Football Association (London FA) and play within the London County Saturday Youth Football League (formed 1956).